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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What services does your appraisal company offer?

      We provide a comprehensive range of appraisal services, including general appraisals, family law appraisals, retrospective appraisals, property tax reassessment, and trusts and estate planning appraisals.

    • What is a general appraisal, and when do I need one?

      A general appraisal is a thorough evaluation of a property’s value for various purposes like buying, selling, or refinancing. You may require it when making important financial decisions.

    • How do family law appraisals help during divorce proceedings?

      Family law appraisals help determine the fair market value of marital properties, ensuring equitable distribution during divorce settlements.

    • What is a retrospective appraisal, and how is it useful?

      A retrospective appraisal assesses a property’s historical value, which is beneficial for settling disputes or valuing assets for a specific past date.

    • Can you explain property tax reassessment and why it's essential?

      Property tax reassessment reevaluates a property’s value for taxation purposes, ensuring fair and accurate tax assessments.

    • How do trusts and estate planning appraisals assist in financial planning?

      Trusts and estate planning appraisals provide valuations of assets, facilitating effective estate planning and wealth management.

    • What makes a reliable real estate appraiser?

      A reliable real estate appraiser possesses extensive knowledge, experience, and certification to provide accurate and unbiased property valuations.

    • Why should I consider a residential appraiser for my home?

      A residential appraiser specializes in valuing residential properties, ensuring you get an expert assessment tailored to your home’s unique features.

    • How does a home appraisal for divorce proceedings work?

      A home appraisal for divorce helps establish the property’s value, aiding in the equitable distribution of assets between divorcing parties.

    • What are property tax appraisals, and how can they benefit me?

      Property tax appraisals assess the market value of your property, potentially leading to fairer property tax assessments.

    • When is property reassessment necessary, and how does it impact my property taxes?

      Property reassessment is necessary when significant changes occur in a property’s ownership or structure, affecting property tax rates accordingly.

    • How can I improve my chances of a successful estate planning appraisal?

      To ensure a successful estate planning appraisal, maintain detailed records of your property’s improvements and consult with experienced appraisers.

    • How do I schedule an appraisal with your company?

      To schedule an appraisal, simply call us at (707) 235-5818, and our team will be glad to assist you promptly.

    • Can I rely on your appraisers for accurate and unbiased valuations?

      Absolutely! Our team of certified appraisers is dedicated to providing precise and impartial valuations for all your appraisal needs.

    • Do you serve clients beyond the local area?

      Yes, we extend our appraisal services to clients in various regions, ensuring reliable and professional valuations wherever you are located.